Friday, February 10, 2006

You know you're a UCCF Staffworker when...™

You order so many books from IVP that the delivery man from DHL knows who you are.


  1. :'-( I was just enjoying having bought ONE from the Christian bookshop in town. In French. Work-related. Sigh. ... Oops. That's silly. I retract that sigh. I've no cause for sighing at the end of the day! I do have books here to enjoy; you enjoy yours :) Plus I just got an external CD drive on ebay (my one broke) so am now MUCH enjoying the wonderful Songs for the Cross-centred life, which arrived earlier this week :)

    Liking the post theme: you so should do a whole Purgatorio-like photo post on it!

  2. Its inspired by Kath Arnold's email signature. If I'd had my camera on me I would have taken a photo of the DHL guy, though that would probably have freaked him out.

  3. You'd have most likely found you had a different DHL delivery man after that, losing the relationship you guys have built up. Are we allowed to ask what Kath Arnold's email signature is, or must I send her an email to find out?

  4. You know that you're a UCCF Staff worker when...

    You meet 6 chaplins in one day
    You drive 230 miles in a week
    You find yourself eating cold pizza in the car on the way back from a CU meeting at 10.30pm
    You go to about 5 freshers fairs and still don’t find any good freebies
    You meet about 100 new people in one month
    A night in front of the telly sounds like the best evening ever invented
    You’ve been in four places in one day
    You realise you could support a farmer in Ghana with the amount of Tea and coffee consumed in a month
    It takes half an hour to explain what you do to people
    People glaze over after the first 3 seconds of attempting the above