Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Necessity of Atheism: Q10

Continuing the series... on Shelley's questions on the necessity of atheism...

Q10: If he is inconcievable, why occupy ourselves with him?

It has been said that if we cannot know something fully we cannot know at all? If this were so then we would have no knowledge of anything. No study would be worthwhile.

We cannot concieve all creation but it is wonderfully satisfying to investigate. The human heart is beyond comprehension but that does not prevent us from loving others.

God is infinite in excellency, in goodness, justice, love, kindness, faithfulness.... we cannot know everything of these things but we can know much.

It is patently obvious in our day to day experience of life that partial knowledge is possible, particularly with people... but also with objects and ideas.

The Bibel says that no mind has concieved God's character and purposes. God cannot be postulated from human enquiry and speculation. We cannot by love of ideas determine what God would be like.

However, we are not left to vain imagination. God has spoken by his Holy Spirit, in the Bible, to reveal himself in the person of Jesus Christ. And those who believe are called to know him. To know the mind of Christ.

I cannot conceive what you are thinking as you read these words. But by the Holy Spirit we gain direct insight into the mind of God - by way of his indwelling and his written word to us, the Bible.

This is offered freely and undeservedly, yet at a price. God chooses to make known his great salvation plan through the death of Jesus Christ, a message "Christ and Him Crucified". This message is foolishness to the proud mind that wants to imagine what God would be like. But to those who will humble themselves before God it is the way to life and intimate knowledge of God.

That knowledge is mediated now through the pages of the Bible and by faith rather than sight. But hope is secure that one way believers will see God face to face. They are not promised complete knowledge then, but unmediated relationship with God forever.

God is not unknowable, he makes himself known, and commands that the knowledge of his promises be made known to all. Come and know him too.

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