Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Martin Luther

Listened to Piper's 1996 biography of Martin Luther, man of the book. It's a great exhortation to the labour of studying God's word and the great rewards of doing so.

Some say that if we put time into study that we minimise the work of the Spirit. Luther and Piper differ. "One might argue that emphasizing the brightness of the sun nullifies the surgeon who takes away blindness. But most people would not agree with that. Certainly not Luther." (Piper)

"It is a sin and shame not to know our own book or to understand the speech and words of our God" (Luther)

How we must get deep into God's word. Tomorrow I start a series of three training sessions with University of Surrey Christian Union. Entitled UniSword they're designed to get us deep into God's word. This might seem a bit odd for a Mission Team training session. Should I not just train in apologetics and evangelism? Good question. Yes we need such training, and on other days it will come. But if we are not Book people we will have little longevity, little depth, little life.

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  1. Amen!

    Now how does one get one of those stylish Coffee Bible Club mugs featured on the right?

  2. No immediate to do anything more than make mugs in photoshop, but I guess if it takes off we could look into getting some done.... I might want to work a bit harder on the typesetting if that happens though!

  3. If you get a logo you're happy with why not use Cafe Press - www.cafepress.com?

    That way there's no up-front charge for creating the mugs as they're printed on a per-purchase basis.

    Let me know if/when they become available!