Sunday, February 05, 2006

J.Gresham Machen

Its as long as a football match but a much better use of time. A God-centred, God-exalting response for engaging liberalism.

Download John Piper's 1993 biography of
J.Gresham Machen - Responding to Modernism (mp3).
Read the Script. Now published in Contending for our All.

Christianity and Liberalism (read it online)

(HT: Pyromaniacs)


  1. thanks for putting this sermon up Dave


  2. Read the man himself - read Machen! Ah well not quite fair - I did enjoy Piper's talk on him when I listened to it a while ago. But boy is Machen worth reading...

  3. Hey, get it from your local Christian bookshop :o Yeah they'll probably have to order it, but take part in the reformation!

  4. There's also an article here on Machen, which challenges evangelicals themselves not to go liberal. Provocative stuff.