Sunday, February 26, 2006

CU Leaders 2006

Back home from our South East CU Leaders weekend 2006... great to see more students than we've ever had before... and four of my CU's represented. We gathered together in the gospel, John Risbridger taught us from 2 Corinthians to be:
  • Faithful in weakness
  • Confident in the gospel
  • Passionate in Mission
  • Committed to holiness
Exhilerating stuff. And very exciting to imagine what God might do through the CU's this year... and to hear what has been happening. We were humbled and inspired by them, what a pleasure to serve.

This week I'll blog Principles for Biblical Ministry from the seminar that Ruth Norbury and I did. It was quite a task to do a seminar for leaders and administrators, hopefully our broad brushstrokes were helpful.

Was also heading up the band for the weekend, joined by the very gifted Drew, Rich, Sam and also my lovely wife. For those wanting a copy of Grace Unmeasured it's here, from the CD, Worship God Live.

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