Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Coffee Bible Club

Andy and I have started an occasional blog-conversation at The Coffee Bible Club Blog. (HT to Mo who sort of led us to the idea of doing this)

This isn't meant to be a regular blog but something tasty to drink occasionally. It centres on a mutual love for God's word and for good coffee.

Currently chatting about worship.


  1. Blog looks a really good idea, and I have read your stuff on worship, a favourite topic of mine :-)

    I'm tired so won't attempt a serious comment right now!

    Fraid I'm a tea drinker, I'm still allowed to read though, right? :-p
    I like coffee too!!!

  2. of course you're welcome Chris - just don't become a tea pusher: OK?


  3. Not to worry, I don't force my views on anyone ;-)

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  5. Bluefish, are you related to these people??

    bluefish using media, coffee, Bible study - surely!