Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amazing Grace

I had the priviledge of preaching on Ephesians 2v1-10.
Here's the script: Ephesians 2: Amazing Grace.

It's really struck me working on this the God-centredness of election in action. I'm seeing with deeper conviction that grace is amazing because it makes much of God rather than making much of me. John Piper has been ringing those words in my ears for years but I'm a bit slow!

Update (Monday 13th):
If you're going to take time to read my 2000 word sermon you might want to be aware that this is the feedback I got on it this morning:
"Thanks for yesterday - 2 clear points , well communicated. I think you could have done more explaining on following the ways of this world and the cravings of our sinful nature - not a lot but tell us what that looks like. And I think you could have nailed grace nore succinctly - I heard you say giving life to us who were gift of life - but I didnt hear you say at that moment that the gift is undeserved. Maybe I have a thing about grace at the moment! I am quite sure that people struggle more with the idea that we get something we dont deserve than with their sinfulness"
Words I'm happy to take as constructive criticism for the future.

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