Sunday, February 05, 2006

24 Day 5

9pm tonight 10 minute prequel on Sky One, starts properly next Sunday..... seven days is more than enough to catch up on Days 1 to 4 if you've not seen them. Going cheap at - £70.69


  1. Dave Bish you are a legend!! Ive been waiting for series 4 to drop in price and didnt even see it go down on!! Cheers as now i have the full set on DVD!! Season 5 is going to be brilliant although it will be interesting to see how they seamlessly bring Jack back in. You can download the prequel from the internet if you want and it looks great! Season 5!!! its actually here

  2. Yeah, I already saw the prequel.
    Quite simply the best TV series ever, methinks.

  3. ahhh!!! how cheap!!!! thanks Bish, i'll have the full set if I get that one...!

    i agree, absolutely fantastic. GUTTED i don't have a tv here!

    thanks for an awesome weekend. so much to digest. God is good.

  4. Series 4 was rubbish though, wasn't it?

    "Ah we've got him!"
    "Oh no, he's escaped!"

    bip.. bip... bip

    Series 1 was the best by a fairly long way

  5. dave,

    what series are you on over there?

    Last night it was season 5 episode 7.