Friday, January 13, 2006

UCCF Staff Conference: Day 5

Saving the best for last. Wallace on Nehemiah 8 is superb. Put simply, the walls are of no good without the word of God! "The Spirit of God takes the word of God and creates the community of God" (David Jackman).
  • 1. The church gathers eagerly to hear the word of God - the people insist that their leaders teach God's word to them! Men, women and children together. This is a mark of a healthy church!
  • 2. The church with the highest possible regard for scripture - they understand that God spoke through Moses.
  • 3. The church with a need for faithful preachers - for six hours the scriptures are read and explained so the people can understand the meaning!
  • 4. The church discovering that obedience to the word of God brings joy - are we joyless? do we hold God's word highly?
Obstacles are identified from Nehemiah 8 as lack of trust in God's word, impatience that prevents serious and diligent study, unwillingness to be be distinctively holy, and hesitancy to let God's word challenge traditions and practices (even very recent practices). Everything must come under God's word. The people in Nehemiah soon fall away (by chapter 13), but we look to the true Israelite Jesus in whom there is no condemnation and a better way. Wallaces leaves us with a call to do the work of God, to pray and teach his word to motivate his people.

After coffee, we gather to say goodbye and thanks to the staff who are leaving us. Mike Reeves then teaches God's word to us from Joshua 2 - From Prostitute to Princess: The Lord is willing to save anyone. Gathered in a circle as a family we share communion and praise God before scattering across England, Scotland and Wales to do the work of God with the Christian Unions.


  1. Hey Dave. Thanks for checking out the blog. You can keep me accountable to using it more this term! Good to see you at Hothorpe mate.

  2. Sounds great. I hope you UCCF-ers really appreciate all the great input you get thru the organisation. Having never done the whole UCCF thing, but knowing loads who have done it/are doing it, it is a brilliant opportunity to have some really good training and teaching, that is not easily matched.