Thursday, January 12, 2006

UCCF Staff Conference: Day 4

Thursday morning, more DIY Theology with Mike Reeves. We look at the simplicity of the doctrine of the Trinity: God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit loving each other. Not, some divine stuff. We explore this in creation, revelation and salvation.

After coffee we meet with Nick Land for a session on how to depression and mental illness. This is very helpful and very relevant. See more at Rob Waller's Mind and Soul Blog. Nick gives us some very practical, thoughtful and careful training in this area. I'm a bit daunted but glad of the support since 1 in 4 people suffer some kind of depression or mental illness at some point in their lives. I'm also saddened at how poor theology can make the problem worse by saying its all down to sin. Some might be but thats not the only possibility.
Part 1 | Part 2 (articles from Christian Medical Fellowship.

Wallace brings Nehemiah 4-6 to us before dinner, on getting the work completed. Biblical narrative swings between character study that moralises and bad Biblical Theology that flattens the narrative, Wallace walks a good path between the two. (Much as John Risbridger did on Judges at our UCCF Team Days in December). Prayer and partnership emerge as key things in getting God's work done. And above all, remembering the Lord!

In the evening we pray for God's work with students around the world. We're amazed and humbled by stories of this work, and drawn to our knees in prayer. We're also able to spend time praying for the 62 Christian Union mission week's happening this term in the UK. How we must pray...

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