Wednesday, January 11, 2006

UCCF Staff Conference: Day 3

Wednesday! The day begins with Wallace on Nehemiah 3 - the family of God at work. A challenging call to stand side by side for the gospel.

The theology track with Mike Reeves is on Trinity but we're still clearing the ground. First - Theology is great and possible, today we clear out some heresy! Primarily Mike smashes the idols of aristotle and plato and their "divine stuff" that many of the church have swallowed in their theological thinking.

Neo-platanism and socinianism have confused our thinking where we could have looked at scripture instead. They proposed one God which looks very islamic.... our talk of God can't start with "divine stuff" but with Trinity (as interestingly the church of England's 39 articles do!!). We can't talk of "one god" but we must talk about Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

To whom will we compare God? Our analogies are inadequate and dangerous. The ice/water/steam and clover-leave analogies are more rooted in heresy than scripture. Agh! The Bible reveals God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit - not as some divine substance...

In the afternoon seminar Jason Clarke, our new director of training gets us thinking about redeeming the imagination. Every inch of life is Christ's so art is something to do Christianly! Imagination is good! Study is worthwhile because this not some meaningless universe, but its God's world! This is something I've been musing for a while and want to think more about. Had a great chat with Art's Staffworker Ally Gordon during the eveing. Later we gather again to think about the future of UCCF:thechristianunions, glad of our growing partnerships in the evangelical world and seeking to grow that further.

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