Monday, January 09, 2006

UCCF Staff Conference: Day 1

Home from our annual staff conference. It was my third one and the best so far. I'll post a series of posts picking up the highlights of it. They're backdated as delayed "liveblogs":

The first night of the conference, great to see everyone again. Immediately a really warm family atmosphere. The first session opened with some time of passionate worship, led by Paul Webber and his very funky bad (esp Pod). Great to stand and acclaim and adore our God together.

Bishop Wallace Benn is our main speaker, on Nehemiah - "On Being Church Builders". The first talk hit us as a gentle, pastoral and sharp rebuke to our prayerlessness, personally and corporately. I'm humbled as I see how arrogant, proud and self-dependent I can be. Nehemiah's first move is to turn to prayer... rarely has that been my first move. Lord have mercy.

If we're too build the local church through the witness of Christian Unions how desperately we need to pray. How we must be concerned for the people of God, not complaining but praying. Confessing sin and seeking the covenant Lord.

After the talk we eat and then move into small groups to pray together.


  1. Thanks Dave, only read this post so far but appreciating the belatedly realised liveblogging!

    I need reminded about that (prayer) more frequently than I'd like to admit.

  2. Naughty boy! Should you really be blogging on your first night back home? I hope Em was asleep or out!


  3. Actually, Thomas, the blogging was done, and back dated (as I said), on Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks for your concern tho mate,