Saturday, January 28, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 6

The conference has flown by, and its been a great week of meeting with God's people and hearing from God's word. He has very much been at work among us.

The Day of the Lord
We study Joel 3 together and see the nations called to war against God. They will face him and they will perish, but God's people can find refuge in God. From whom? From God. The one who could kill is also the one in whom salvation is found. We're confronted again by the reality of this, and our hearts lifted as we look to that day with hope. Hope of life in the presence of God, because of Jesus. There's a place... because of Jesus.

Acts 2...
Maurice speaks in our final session. Peter says that at Pentecost Joel 2 was being fulfilled. The Spirit poured out on all to enable them to speak the gospel to all peoples. This signals that the day of the Lord is iminent. Its mindblowing to realise why the crowds were cut to the heart. The terrible day of the Lord is coming, and they just killed the King they were waiting for, the only one who could save them from the coming judgement.

And yet, since God is God, and The Gospel is True, even the ones who killed Jesus can recieve God's grace... they can be rescued. They can find refuge in God, from God. In Christ, from divine judgement. Hallelujah, what a saviour! Can it be? Yes!!

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  1. When did you take that hideous picture of me??

  2. er, at the moment you were giving me that evil look...

  3. Dave - thanks for the blogs: AMEN!

  4. Pleasure to share the experience of my last Relay 2 with you.