Friday, January 27, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 5

Day 5 and we're faced in Joel with the Day of the Lord, a terrifying prospect but also with the offer of life for those who will call on the Lord.

Motivating Students for Evangelism
Paula and I lead this seminar. Notes to be posted soon(ish).

Of those who have much, much will be demanded
We look to priorities for the future from Luke 11. This was hard-hitting and challenged us as a staff team as to whether we really believed what we're teaching. Those who really believe Jesus is coming back will truly care for God's people, loving them well and making the most of what has been given to them. Failure to do so exposes unbelief and has a future with those who are unbelievers. In the light of our focus on the Day of the LORD in Joel this is terrifying stuff. We're convicted, seriously convicted. Let us throw away our lives recklessly in the service of the Lord. CU Pioneer Howard Guiness speaks from the pages of his book Sacrifice to challenge us again.

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