Thursday, January 26, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 4

Day 4 and we're back to normal living conditions and into Joel chapter 3. Having been challenged to break our hearts yesterday we're now facing the comfort of God's abundant restoration... something for now and for the future. Later singing of God's Grace Unmeasured is a delight.

Evangelistic Talks
After coffee we're back in fellowship groups as Relay workers give their apologetics evangelistic talks. The group listens to the talks and offers positive and constructive critism. Its a great safe environment in which to grow together. I'm very encouraged by the clarity of my groups talks on a wide range of subjects and issues. Coming to a campus near you soon...

Sexuality, Intimacy and Friendship
Afternoon sessions focus on these important issues, separate sessions for the guys and girls.

The evening is a time for fun, Maurice kicks off the Karaoke followed by entries from each regional team. The South East produce an ironic work of art and earn a well deserved third place. Unbelievably.

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