Wednesday, January 25, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 3

Today we discover that Birmingham CU has hit the headlines.

Meanwhile its our world missions / rich-poor day. Joined by World Missions Coordinator John Williams we experience something of the economic conditions that most of the world are subject to on a daily basis. This is experiential learning that challenges us all. Our teaching sessions explore world mission, workplace mission and the challenges of being a Christian in the UK and overseas. Guests from Tearfund and Christian Workplace Associations join us for the day. In the evening we pray around the world for Peru, Japan, Ireland and Great Britain. In an honest mistake we forget to pray for Poland dispite having Wojtek with us - its good later in the week to remedy that.

We're excited to see people challenged about their attitudes to poverty, possessions and material security and about missions in God's world. There's a great family atmosphere to the conference and much desire to be changed by God.

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  1. Oh oh, can I please have a MAKEORANGEHISTORY band?

    Then again it could be mistunderstood by my Dutch team mates here. And I could get lynched if I wore it in Norn Ireland... er so maybe withdraw that request.

  2. Rosemary you made me laugh out loud again - it would be worth wearing it in NI though, just for the impact... go on, I dare you - you could put your death down to brave martyrdom