Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 2

Day 2 opens with fellowship groups studying Joel 1. We look into the despair of a nation ravaged by locusts without any explanation. All they can do is cry out to God, weeping and wailing. All other hope is lost.

Know the Gospel, Tell the Gospel
This is evangelism day at Relay 2. We open with Maurice teaching us the gospel from Romans 1v1-5. In essence, Jesus Christ is Lord, Repent and Believe. Its refreshing and liberating to think clearly about the content of the gospel message. Later in Telling the Gospel Mo gives three evangelistic talks, two that have succombed to subtle heresy and culture pressures, on genuine message. This gets us thinking about how to critique talks, and how easily we might stray from the wonderful gospel of God.


  1. It's kind of you not to mention that at least half the Relay and staff thought that my actual evangelistic talk was heretical.

  2. Um, yeah...
    I'm still rather ashamed of myself in said matter, albeit repentant.

    I defied my own logic and I knew you'd never use that horrific illustration... and yet... no excuses, i was wrong.