Monday, January 23, 2006

UCCF Relay Training 2: Day 1.

More conference retro-blogging. Just home from our second Relay training conference of the year. Superb week, my best Relay 2 thus far (of the four I've been to). A great week of remembering together that God is still God and The Gospel is still true

Relay is our discipleship training programme for recent graduates. We're in the business of formacion so they get input in personal study, ongoing supervision, active ministry and at three conferences throughout the year. There are over 50 Relays who are based across the Great Britain and Ireland.

The Relay Workers

Session 1 - That was the term that was
Anna Mac led us through Psalm 95 reminding us that God is still God and The Gospel is still true whether the last term has been good or bad. This set the agenda for the week.

Session 2 - The Bible Book of the Week
The main Bible teaching at Relay conferences is done by the Relay's in fellowship group Bible studies. At Relay 2 we turn to the Old Testament and that meant Joel. A book about God's fierce anger against sin and his lavish grace to sinners, a book about his passion for his glory. Maurice gave us an overview and some advise on how to apply the Old Testament, considering what it tells us about God, its application to the people of God, and the "hooray for Jesus!" application for us as Christians.

The day ended with Relay's going into regional prayer cells and the staff gathering to pray for the week. Its great to be back with family again. There are 14 of us on the Relay staff team and with only 9 days having passed since our Staff conference it was great to enjoy fellowship together again, partnering in the gospel as we serve the Relays.


  1. I've been looking forward to this series of posts - was sure it was coming!

    So glad it was such a good week.

    Not sure though whether twasn't a bit mean to Andy to say, "my best Relay 2 thus far (of the four I've been to)"... Ach sure it's all subjective - my R2 was the best I've ever been to ;D

    Anna's/Psalm 95's God is still God and The Gospel is still true reminded me of Adam Wilson's Relay lesson: God is sovereign, The Gospel is true, Heaven is certain. Twas the first thing he learnt in Lithuanian I think... Praise God, it's true!

  2. I think each year as gotten better,... which is compliments to Andy's work in laying great foundations over the last few years.

    Last year was also a hard Relay 2 for several reasons and this year didn't have some of those challenges.

    That said, probably my error - "never play the comparison game..."

  3. To solve it - I would be disappointed if it had not been the best yet. It's great to hear that R2 was good, great even.

    Mo and Roz are the people for the moment - my time as Relay Coordinator has come and gone: the programme and anything good in it is a product of grace, I'm proud to have been a part of this particular part of His work and owe much more than I contributed.

    Praise God for his amazing grace at work in our lives: past, present and future.

  4. Amen. Thanks for the wisdom on that :)

    Its the great joy and the great heartache of student ministry that people always move on.. things always change... Grace, remains!

    And we sung this new song about that:

    Grace unmeasured, vast and free
    That knew me from eternity
    That called me out before my birth
    To bring You glory on this earth
    Grace amazing, pure and deep
    That saw me in my misery
    That took my curse and owned my blame
    So I could bear your righteous name

    Grace (grace, grace)
    Paid for my sins and brought me to life
    Grace (grace, grace)
    Clothes me with pow’r to do what is right
    Grace (grace, grace)
    Will lead me to heav’n where I’ll see Your face
    And never cease to thank you for Your grace

    Grace abounding, strong and true
    That makes me long to be like You
    That turns me from my selfish pride
    To love the cross on which You died
    Grace unending, all my days
    You’ll give me strength to run this race
    And when my years on earth are through
    The praise will all belong to You

    (c) Bob Kauflin, 2005.