Monday, January 16, 2006

Two Sides (2006)

Afraid to say anything
Silence by tolerance' love parade
While the champions of absurdity
Still expect to be understood.

Shot truth in the back
Setting us free to do what we like
Enlightened we turned on each other,
You think we've really evolved?

Two sides to the story,
While we’re written out of history
Two sides to the story,
What went wrong's no mystery

Stay awake all night
In the global city that never sleeps
Working harder, longer and richer
Too busy to enjoy it all

Sold the church out,
Buried in trivia and self-contempt
Planets spin while doors rotate
Our souls remain defeated


  1. I like that one, Dave, seeing the context it comes in. Love the second verse particularly, with the swipe at enlightenment and freedom by shooting truth. The 'Free' university of Brussels has a graduation anthem which basically says, "Ok so we're not going to get to truth - but we're going to be free while we're at trying!"

    (From a pedant: the line "What went wrongs no mystery" needs an apostrophe in wrong's.)

  2. Yeah I know about the apostrophe - its cos my OpenOffice word programme was saying the opposite and the squiggly underline was annoying me,... and I forgot to correct it.

  3. Lol, I turn the squiggly underline option off because of its daft attempts to make 'corrections' like that. Even my French grammar is better than my MS Word French grammar check! Machines, eh?