Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Together in Christ

Tonight at homegroup we wrestled with the awesome, cosmic, mindblowing reality of the gospel that God has revealed to us (in Ephesians 1v1-14)... and together confessed that we struggle to believe and experience the reality what God says. The support of other Christians is such a gift from God as we stumble along the road. Broken people with our messy lives, loved by our great Saviour. We closed praising God (what other response to that chapter), longing for more understanding and experience of the gospel... and for each others needs. And then talked for ages after that.

Reflecting on today, it's been a good day with some challenges. Whether things seem wonderful or whether you feel beaten-up in ministry, the glorious reality is life in Christ. Reminded of God's before-creation-election, and of the hope of inheritance in Christ ahead I face tomorrow with excitement. Glad of opportunities to meet with God's people, with God's word, to grow together in Christ. All jobs are valuable but I think I have the best one :) at least the best one for me to be doing now.

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