Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Spiritual Disciplines?

Ed continues to write about Colossians looking at God's sufficient grace. Elsewhere Bob DeWaay writes about Spiritual Disciplines. We're easily tempted to try to add extras to our faith - whether solitude, fasting, study... seeking to gain greater closeness to Jesus. But this is foolish, only drawing us away from Christ. Everything else is no more than a shadow, the substance is Christ.


  1. Donald Whitney's book entitled: "Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life" is a book I'd highly recommend when thinking this area through.

  2. I disagree, spiritual discipline is vitally important to growing as a Christian.

    Of course if fasting etc are treated as a way to earn some kind of 'merit' with God then they are of course incorrect but I don't know of anyone who seriously advocates using spiritual discipline in this way, and neither are they alternatives to faith, they are complementary.

    If Jesus himself saw the need for solitude and fasting as part of maintaining his relationship with his Father, how much more should we?

  3. Clearly some element of discipline and changed life and character are essential... you find me trying to work out the difference between biblical spirituality and gimmics and fads and fake stuff...