Sunday, January 01, 2006

REVIEW: Awesome God

Awesome God - Worship Songs for Children; Sovereign Grace Music 2005

"How do kids learn about God's greatness? One excellent way is to sing songs that express God's character and nature in words that kids understand"
They say that if you really understand something then you can explain it to children. If thats true then this CD is proof that the guys at Sovereign Grace Kids have got hold of the heart of the good news about Jesus.

This is the fourth Sovereign Grace CD I've got hold of. The previous ones have been excellent - Songs for the Cross Centered Life doing exactly what it says on the tin, Upward showing that hymns often express the truth more richly than other songs. Worship God Live capturing the energy of passionate praise. Awesome God follows in the same pattern but with a twist.
"Our God is infinitely more amazing, powerful and wonderful than the entire universe... which He made! ...out of nothing!! (He also made people and zebras and flowers and waves and everything else, too.)"
Musically the CD is tight rock-pop stuff. It is like previous albums very well done musically.

A weakness of some "kids songs" is childishness. This CD doesn't suffer that. It has maturity of truth and musicality, expressed accessibly for kids. They're songs not just for kids but for the whole church to sing. The highlights for me are Almighty Creator, You are Always with Me, You Love which have such energy and catchy lyrics centred upon the awesome wonder of our God.

It will be painful to be without this album, but I feel compelled to lend it to the worship coordinators of our local church. This is a fun and energetic CD exploding with the truth about our Awesome God, a resource to help kids, and the rest of us, to worship him.

Like previous CDs samples, lyrics and sheet music can be downloaded for use. The sleeve says that one of the ways Sovereign Grace Ministries are seeking to serve the church is by publishing and recording worship music. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Sounds great. On the same subject (great kids songs) I've been listening to this CD from the Syndey lot - while in the car with my team leaders' 2 toddlers I hasten to add. It is fantastic - a Bible overview through songs. Has me in stitches: it's just so Moore Coll for kids (why I find this so funny I don't really know :$). Only disappointed they didn't get the phrase 'Covenant Enforcement Mediator' into the song about the prophets.

    I'll recommend the Awesome God CD to aforementioned toddlers' parents: ta.

  2. I have been listening to this in the car in the mornings on the way to is fab. A grand collection of different styles of music but with one central message- Awesome God. Most children's songs are cheesy and are loosely connected with a doctrine about God, but these you actually learn the doctrine of the cross, the trinity and of God's omnipresence and much much more. I feel that some songs are more appropriate for tweens and teenagers due to the 'Pink' pop-rock style of music but some of the other songs cater for younger age groups; i.e toddlers. A Cd that pointed me to Jesus and compelled me to remember the gospel and worship him...

  3. hi, I don't know if you check posts this far back but was wondering if you know where I could locate "Songs for the Cross Centered Life" in the UK. Only place I've seen it is at, where the price is just ridiculous! Thanks.