Monday, January 23, 2006

Passing the baton

No sooner home from the last conference than I'm back on the road again... That's January in my world! This time its the UCCF Relay Conference Relay 2. This gives us the opportunity to gather all the Relay workers together for six days to consider Mission without Borders. Our main Bible teaching will be done again by the Relay workers themselves as we study Joel day by day... on top of that we'll think about knowing and telling the gospel, about the practicalities of evangelism, and also on sexuality, intimacy and friendship.

At Relay 1 I had loads of sessions to speak in, this week its just one. Kinda nice really! I'm co-leading a session on motivating students in evangelism. I'll also have my fellowship group to look after as we study Joel and have a session in which they can give evangelistic talks and critique each other. What the week will really be about for me will be the between sessions relational grace-stuff, encouraging the good in their lives and being delighted to see how they've grown, meeting them in the hurts and joys of ministry.

Its also a chance to shed the veneer of blogging and spend quality face-to-face time with these people: Kath, Steph. Mo, Andy. Katie, Alison, Curt, Dan, Jonny, Nathan, Phil, Sarah, Sean

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  1. Hey Dave,

    One conference after another. Hope you're not too caffeined-out man! Good to see you at Hothorpe and thanks for posting a comment on my blog. It's quite good fun this blogging thing, isn't it?!

    Hope you have a good rest when you get back.