Monday, January 09, 2006

Off with a smile...

This week I'm offline. This is by necessity, not virtue. In the meantime, lets take ourselves a little less seriously in this virtual world. I'm no expert, I'm no Luther pinning my articles on some great door. I'm a simple blogger airing my mind. That is something probably best done when no-one is listening. Still I feel compelled to click "Create" and endlessly publish what comes to mind. More fool you for reading!! Carl Trueman proves very refreshing. (HT: Kath)


  1. Carl Trueman is always refreshing, insightful and usually hilarious. He has brightened and informed many a 5 minutes over the past few months, which is much appreciated (if Ref21 had a decent comment system on their blog I'd let him know, but I'm not going to email through Derek unless I've something more important to say).

    I thank God that he's given you a "Create"-compelled mouse finger - by his grace what you write is edifying, challenging, refreshing, etc.

    Enjoy the conference. I'm trying not to be jealous.

  2. The way I think about blogging is not that it is like writing articles that are only worthy of being read because they have something new to say, or because the author has sufficent credentials to say them. It's more like the conversations you have in the pub sometimes. You get to know people and like them, as well as being interested in what they have to say. You learn as much from these interactions with other normal people than you do from reading books or listening to the best sermons.

    Anyway life would certainly be poorer without the blogs I read (sad as that sounds) just as it is the poorer without those trips to the pub...I ramble but listen to Rosemary!

  3. yeah i semi-agree with trueman. see my comment on Kath's site. I think we shouldn't pretend tyo be what we're not but the joy of the internet and postmodernity (shock horror...ahem) is that we can all have a say. Actually, qualificatiosn don't necessarily mean that what one person says is more important than another, unless it's in their specialised field. ie, i would get a surgeon to operate on me and not bish. however, it's also highly 'worldly (er, i hate that word) to give people extra creditation and take what they say more seriosuly, giev them mroe respect just becuase they do have a qualification. We're all equal in the sight of God.

    However, I agree that I am no luther either and so should never pretend to be!! I am who I am. and in humility and grace I should accept everyone else as such.

  4. Becci, I misread you as saying that you'd rather get Spurgeon to operate on you and not Bish, which was bizarre...