Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Lazy Atheist?

No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything

Madeleine Bunting lays into Richard Dawkins for:
1. Lack of rigorous argument (when Dawkins accuses religion of causing political problems, the problem being secularism is quite capable of causing political crisis)
2. Accusing religions of indoctrination (when Dawkins is quite happy for secular indoctrination to be the norm. Indoctrination is just teaching, Richard... )
3. Accuring religion of removing wonder (when often it actually helps us see more wonder...)
A year ago he was telling us that Tsunami showed the pitiless indifference of creation. His arguments leave me indifferent, they're just poor. But I do pity him for his abject blindness.

Banting concludes:
"Let's be clear: it's absolutely right that religion should be subjected to a vigorous critique, but let's have one that doesn't waste time knocking down straw men...."
Rigorous thought is fine! She goes on to say we should conceed ground to science which I'm less convinced by. I'd rather apply Biblical thinking more widely with care and compassion.

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