Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Glorious Doctrine of Election

This morning we started Ephesians at church. Piers spoke from Ephesians 1v1-14 of five blessings for which we should praise God, namely:
  • Election
  • Adoption
  • Redemption
  • Revelation
  • Consumation
It was a great meeting, really inspiring and encouraging. We heard the word of truth, remembered the truth of God's good news about Jesus, rejoiced in answered prayer concerning the restored health of one of the congregation.... and then Em & I had the pleasure of enjoying hospitality with family from church for the third consecutive Sunday.

This evening ten of us gathered over coffee to think further about Election. This is often considered to be a mysterious, complex even incomprehensible doctrine. My theory is that its no where near as difficult as we might think:
  • Moreover, election is a key doctrine behind evangelism, worship, holiness and joy. It gives hope for evangelism where people are ruled by sin. It gives purpose to worship since God is the one who saves. It makes holy living that for which we were saved. It give great joy because our salvation is secure in Christ, not in ourselves.
  • Secondly, saying election is so incomprehensible is a consession of the plain meaning of scripture to say that its an unfathomable mystery, as we remembered this morning - mystery is simply that which was hidden and then revealed by God to us, namely the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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  1. Think i've heard that one from Piers, was an awesum talk and is very encouraging

  2. It was substantially reworked from the CU talk 2 years ago, I think, but plenty of overlap. Awesome stuff.