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Review: Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

John Piper, Justin Taylor (Editors)
Crossway Books, 2005.
288 Pages.

A book about two of the greatest things in life. Firstly Christ, secondly sex. What God has joined let no man separate! This is a book I've been looking forward to reading. It comes in five parts and is addressed to single and married Christians seeking to glorify God! Some familiar contributors, a few less so.

Taylor sets out the contributors aims to be frank and reverent in approaching the topic of sex in view of Christ’s supremacy. I think they have successfully demonstrated the connection between Sex and the Supremacy of Christ and the practical implications of that. My overwhelming conviction at the end of reading it was that I longed to see Christ exalted through the way we approach sex as Christians. Mission accomplished.

Part 1. God and Sex
In part one we have three chapters – two by John Piper and one by Ben Patterson. I’d already listened to both of the Piper chapters and the written version didn’t disappoint…

The Centrality of the Gospel

Sovereign Grace Ministries now have all the seminar outlines from this years Leadership Conference online. Some great titles. I think I may have to order some of the audio's. Bring on the day when churches in the UK will tackle the issues this conference does to keep the gospel rigorously and passionately central.

Mike Bullmore's on the Functional Centrality of the Gospel particularly grabbed me when I heard Josh Harris' and others comments back in April. See the Handout for a flavour.

Moses starts Blogging

Incorporated a blog into The Biblical Theology which will have news of our monthly updates and other occasional ramblings. For now it's just David Gibson and me blogging on there - but we'll try and get Andy & Jonny to join the party.

David is new to blogging but kicked things off with some thoughts on emerging church which Andrew Jones has interacted with... and now David is off blogging some Steve Chalke stuff and a few other things he's found in the blogosphere... David is big thinker doing his theology PhD in Aberdeen. He has some great prophetic insights such as his article Assumed Evangelicalism from a couple of years ago. No stranger to controversy and happy to dive into the fray... worth following!

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Pardon for sinners

"For your name's sake, O LORD,
pardon my guilt, for it is great"

Psalm 25v11, ESV

(My note from reading Jonathan Edwards sermon)
1. David pleads for pardon on the basis of God's name's sake.
Not on the basis of David's worthiness.
Not on the basis of David's good deeds.

2. David pleads for pardon the basis of the greatness of his sin.
Not on the basis of his righteousness.
Not on the basis of the smallness of his sin.

He pleads for pity because he is pitiful. Like a beggar looking for food who pleads his hunger.

If we truly come to God for mercy, the greatness of our sin will be no impediment to pardon. If it were then David would not have used this argument.

We see:
1. Our misery and need of mercy
2. That we are not worthy of sovereign grace
3. We must come for mercy through Jesus Christ alone

1. The mercy of God is as sufficient for the pardon of the greatest sin as for the least.
2. The sa…

I let you down

© Duke Special / Brian Houston

I let you down I let you down, I
Did it well and gave you hell,
And messed you around, I was
Wrong and caught red handed,
It didn't work the way I'd planned
It, I wish I hadn't dressed you
With that frown, I let you down

I muycked it up I mucked it up,
You say the side I like to hide
And that was too much, I could
Go to church on Sunday maybe
I'd be alright Monday, amazing
How this grace helps me
Rebound, I let you down.

Oh was it really me, who jumped
In first and made you curse, just
At the sight of me, how could it
Be, that I'd become the kind of
One, I swore I'd never be

I was wrong and caught red-
Handed, It didn't work the way
I'd planned it, I wish I hadn't
Dressed you With that frown, I
Let you down

House of Flying Daggers

Twisting and not entirely clear story.
Breathtaking landscapes and martial-arts.

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Just got a preview copy of Sex and the Supremacy of Christ from one of the editors, Justin Taylor. I heard some of the conference talks this book is based on, so I'm very much looking forward to it. Full review to follow next week I hope - contributors include Taylor, John Piper, CJ Mahaney, David Powlison and Christ God is excellent.

Las comparaciones son odiosas

Every year about 60 graduates commit to a year of Discipleship Training in a Student context - we call the programme Relay. In 2000 I did this programme, as did Em. A few years ago we were able to introduce a variant on the programme called Relay Homestart which allows Relay's to take an extra 1-2 years serving with an IFES student movement somewhere in the world... and there are people doing that in several countries today.

One of them is an ex-Reading student who I worked with a lot when she was CU Evangelism Secretary. Jo did Relay in Southampton last year and is now in Barcelona. On June 2nd she'll be visiting Reading University Christian Union. We visited Jo in Spain at Easter this year and it was an inspiring and very humbling experience. Reading students don't miss this opportunity to hear some of what has been happening as Jo takes the good news of grace to Spain.

Little Book of God: Ruth

Ruth is a classic book for student girls-weekend, a romantic and dramatic tale. But I don't buy for a minute that this book is only for girls. So I've been studying it with the guys I disciple over the last few months and today I began to teach it to the Christian Union Cell Leaders at Reading. What a book! What a God.

The story traces the tale of the redemption of the sinner Naomi in chapters 1 & 4b and the inclusion of the foreigner Ruth in chapters 2-4a (roughly). As with the whole Bible this is a book about God and so it tells his story. And, as part of the Old Testament it's application must be considered in view of Christ. So we move from the Book of Ruth, to Christ and then to us. If we bypass Christ we find most likely invites to moralism and legalism and very little grace.

Naomi - a sinner redeemed
Naomi's tale is one of her rebellion in leaving Israel with her family. Everything she has is then taken from her (a tragic opening to a supposedly romantic tale)…

Sunshine on Campus

Campus was full of happy, relaxed graduands. Something of what university life ought to look like... sadly I forgot to take my camera (note to self - don't make that mistake again!). As the sun blazed this afternoon it was great to catch up with Fletch and Tim who are graduating this year. A pleasure to talk about the joy of God's grace with them, delighting in our wonderful saviour!

It's been great to see them both grow up in life and in Christ over the last 3-4 years. Always mixed emotions seeing people move on... rejoicing in what has been and trusting God for what will be in the years ahead.

In early July they'll be presented before the Vice-Chancellor to receive their degrees. One day they'll be presented perfect in the presence of God, not because of their efforts over three years, but because of Jesus perfect sacrifice.

Feeling Guilty?

What do you do with.... Romans 8v1?
"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8v1 (ESV)My observation of pastoring students is that most of them seem to feel guilty most of the time. Different pressures afflict them. For some it is the pressure to have a daily quiet time of prayer and Bible study, which like me they fail in regularly. For some it is the pressure to have evangelistic conversations, which like me they fail in regularly. For others the pressures are not to drink beyond certain rules, not to feel angry or lustful, and so the list go on.

Lists and rules that have no place in the Christian life. Christians are to fight against sin. We have a sinful nature and the Holy Spirit. They are at war with each other so we don't always do what we'd want. The war is good. If it felt like peace that would not be a good sign.

But the battle with sin is not to be taught by imposing rules on each other. It cannot be won by tying our…


One week of drinking good wine.
Redemption under California sunshine?

The Moral Maze

Steve says that in his youth group they've been teaching the 10 commandments. He's uncomfortable telling people to be good. He and I have looked at how we were never under God's law and how law actually increases sin (forbidden fruit always looks sweeter). Got me thinking. My impression is that a lot of youth work tells teenage non-Christians to behave. It says you need to not steal, lust, get angry etc. These people were never under God's law so they don't need us to dump it on them. Their conscience tells them that they do wrong. And then we go and top it up. Teenager then walks away saying, I can't live your way and I don't want to.

Someone without the Holy Spirit isn't going to live a moral life. (It's pretty tough when you do have the Holy Spirit.) What can we do though? Surely we ought to say - you know that your conscience says you do wrong. God says the same. But God doesn't say do better, try harder, get ahead in the moral game. And doe…

Little Book of God: Jude

Jude is a great little book. A short letter from Jude. It gets caught up in a wrangle with 2 Peter since much of 2 Peter 2 is very similar to Jude. Did one copy the other? Peter writes explicitly on the basis of his eyewitness testimony saying he's not making up what he's writing. Jude has his own purposes. Personally I don't have a major problem with the same thing being said in different places. The purposes can be different which can make it necessary. And if we're going to say both are scripture then we are at the very least saying the same Holy Spirit inspired both of them.

Jude is a book I've taught a few times to illustrate pastoral care to my student leaders.

(1-2) To the kept
The letter is written to those kept in Jesus. Being kept is an idea that repeats later in the letter.

(3) Content for the gospel
Jude had wanted to write on other matters but there is a need to contend for the faith. The faith delivered to them in the past. The message that is passed on fr…

Coffee and Cookies

Today has been dominated by coffee drinking and cookie eating. Alongside which I had my annual review with Gareth which was really encouraging. Great to talk through what's been going on over the last year, many encouragements and much progress. And then thinking through priorities for the year ahead.... developing student leaders and supporting student mission.

And then caught up with Iain from St. Saviours, good to catch up after about 18 months and consider the joy of knowing Christ and how that should dominate our lives!

Got home and did a bit of work on my upcoming talks at Arborfield on John 9 (Are you blind to the evidence?) and John 10 (Words, Works & Sheep).

"Salvation is not mainly the forgiveness of sins, but mainly the fellowship of Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:9). Forgiveness gets everything out of the way so this can happen. If this fellowship is not all-satisfying, there is no great salvation. If Christ is gloomy, or even calmly stoical, eternity will be a long, lon…

Are you blind to the evidence?

Preparing to speak on John 9 which tackles the question of whether people are blind to the evidence about who Jesus is I came across this article in The Times on May 18, 2005.God loves us, touch wood
By Matthew Syed

BRYAN ROBSON, the West Bromwich Albion manager, whose team escaped relegation on Sunday, has been carrying a miniature Buddha in his pocket since January. Harry Redknapp, the Southampton manager, whose team were cruelly dispatched from the Premiership, has been clasping a plastic angel. Do not suppose, however, that this will settle the matter as to the relative efficacy of the two icons. When it comes to superstition or, for that matter, religion, there are only ever winners.
These so-called beliefs, you see, are never sullied by anything as sordid as evidence. Take the tsunami. On Christmas Day, Bible-bashers were united in prayer for God’s blessing on the world. The next day they witnessed a catastrophe that killed thousands without even registering the paradox. They were…

It's not about the music!

Just listened to The Role of Music in Worshipping God by Bob Kauflin from Covenant Life Church. Some excellent teaching on the issue that cn so often divide the church: music.

More great worship resources at Sovereign Grace Music

Outrageous Grace

More available at

Treasure in Heaven

Anxiety is folly
It cannot change the world
Life is more than money
And everyone grows old
Treasure is the map that
Shows the hearts desire
What you own will own you
Invest in God alone

Awake and be ready
Watching for his coming
When we serves a banquet
To satisfy your soul
Much will be required
Of those who have had much
Interpret the times
Settle up your account

Pain and pleasure will come
Raising many questions
But you turn from your sin
Lest you also perish
God's great joy and delight
Is to give his kingdom
Be rich toward the LORD
And reap eternal joy

My Treasure's in Heaven,
With my God forever!
My Treasure is Heaven -
With my God forever!

© Dave Bish, 2005. Luke 12v13-13v21.

Are you perfect?

I was asked this question last week.
What would be your natural response? No...

Have a read of Hebrews 10v14"For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified." (ESV)Are you perfect? Yes
On what basis? Jesus' single offering (a completed act)
For how long? For all time (forever)
And, being sanctified (transformed by God!)

Abraham writes Amen to God, I agree!


"Where are the young men and women of this generation who will hold their lives cheap (Rev 12v11), and be faithful even unto death?
Where are those who will lose their lives for Christ’s sake – flinging them away for love of Him?
Where are those who will live dangerously, and be reckless in His service (Acts15v26)?
Where are his lovers – those who love Him and the souls of men more than their own reputations or comfort, or very life?
Where are the men who say “no” to self, who take up Christ’s cross to bear it after Him who are willing to be nailed to it in college or office, home or mission field; who are willing, if need be, to bleed, to suffer, and to die on it?
Where are the men and women of vision today?
Where are the men of enduring vision?
Where are the men and women who have seen the King in His beauty, by whom from henceforth all else is counted but refuse that they may win Christ?
Where are the adventurers, the explorers, the buccaneers for God who count one human soul o…


Today I am 26 years old.
Sixteen seems a long time ago. In the last ten years, in no particular order I've done these 26 things (You'll be able to tell I was clutching at straws at various points hopefully due to lack of memory rather than lack of events):1. I passed my driving test at the first attempt
2. I've made friends in several continents
3. I've experienced the death of my Grandfather and realised death is big
4. I've been in a student band, for a while and recorded a few tracks over 24 hours in a church building
5. I became a Christian and discovered the abundant grace and infinite beauty of God
6. I've been to six countries in mainland Europe (but still never left Europe)
7. I finally beat my Dad at Chess, and we've not played since (nine years and counting)
8. I decided I do like drinking coffee after all - strong, black and filtered.
9. I've lived for two years as a upaid volunteer
10. I have passed 4 A-Levels, and still don't know how or why one …

In love with God's people

Today is "Pentecost Sunday" - the day the church remembers the day that God poured out the Holy Spirit on his people and the church was born! Read about that day! (Acts 2, ESV)

In 2004 I read several books about church. Charlie Peacock wrote about the story of God-people-and-place in New Way to be Human. Michael Griffiths wrote, 30 years ago, about the church as Cinderella with Amnesia. Finally, I read Joshua Harris' Stop Dating the Church. In an age of individualism God's plans are much more corporate! Yes, he calls each person to turn from sin and trust in Christ - but the result is the formaton of what I dubbed God's Global Eden Project - God's people, in God's presence from all over God's planet.

We've now been at Arborfield Church for six months and I'm happy to confess that I have fallen "in love with the people of God!", just as Harris challenged me to. It's a real joy to be part of a family of people who delight in the good…

The London Men's Convention 2005

Great time in the Royal Albert Hall today at the London Mens Convention today. Top talks from Richard Coekin, Vaughan Roberts, John Stott and Liam Goligher and a useful seminar from Paul Williams.

The Theme was Biblical Answers to Tough Questions - we considered the importance of giving a reason for our hope. Then with Vaughan Roberts, the place of Christ, the Bible and the Holy Spirit in revealing God. John Stott spoke superbly on the Uniqueness of Christ, before Liam Goligher closed looking at Christian Freedom.

It was great to spend a day with a load of brothers, a coach load from Arborfield & Barkham plus the opportunity to catch up with a whole load of guys I've not seen for ages. In the corridors I ran into Nat Ayling (aka, "Bug") with his crazy hair. Nat is a fellow Christian Union Staff Worker who is part of the London and Relay teams. This week he'd been teaching Relay workers the stuff Marcus Honeysett had been teaching us, including this shocker... Are…

Law, Grace and the Spirit

Adrian issued a blogging challenge about prohibitions from the council of Jerusalem. This fits as the next step in my thinking from our team gathering last week.

The basic deal was a dispute that arose in the early church when some people started saying that believers should live under law. The council states strongly that this is not the case. The Gentile (non-Jewish) world was never under law, and so shouldn't be put under law. Right standing before God comes by faith in Jesus only.
“Brothers, you know that in the early days God made a choice among you, that by my mouth the Gentiles should hear the word of the gospel and believe. 8 And God, who knows the heart, bore witness to them, by giving them the Holy Spirit just as he did to us, and he made no distinction between us and them, having cleansed their hearts by faith. Now, therefore, why are you putting God to the test by placing a yoke on the neck of the disciples that neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear? But we …

Little Book of God: Jonah

This book is rapidly becoming one of my favourites - if that's not an inappropriate approach to God's word. The book of Jonah is short, snappy and full of surprises. It seems that if you mention Jonah to most people they immediately think of a big fish... Is that the point? Is it a story of underwater adventure?

Episode 1 - God saves the worst sinners
The story kicks off with God commissioning Jonah to go and preach to Nineveh, the captial of Assyria (modern day Iraq). We're not told why at this stage, but Jonah decides to run in the opposite direction. Opposite in the extreme - he catches a boat from Israel to Spain to flee from God.

On the way to Spain the LORD sends a great storm to stop Jonah in his tracks. In the midst of the storm we are introduced to the sailors. They are a crowd of rough and ready pagans who will call out to any god who might keep them from perishing. Jonah meanwhile sleeps below deck.

He is woken by the crew and they force a confession from him.…


I will lift up the cup of salvation
and call on the name of the LORD,

Psalm 116v13, ESV
The LORD has given me life,
by the death of his only Son
The LORD has given himself,
by his free grace alone

What shall I do to exalt you,
but come to you for more?
How shall I show your worth,
but come to you for life?

Fill my cup til it overflows,
and I'll come for more!
I'll celebrate this new life,
by knowing the giver of life

Fill my cup til the world sees,
and you'll be magnified
Let the nations see your beauty,
and come to you for grace

What Have I to bring,
but my need of your grace?
Where else could I boast,
but in your wondrous cross?

The LORD has given me life,
I tell my soul rejoice
The LORD has given himself,
forever I'm satisfied

© Dave Bish, 2005

Anthem of Life

Hear the songs of heaven
Drowning out all other songs
Awake my soul to sing
Of Christ who died for me

You are the anthem of life,
You are the gift we receive,
You are the treasure that's gained
When sight is lost of glory
Worldly desires at once appeal
To draw me into misery
With 10,000 empty promises

If I bind myself with many rules
I appear to live but life is lost
Til only a shadow remains
Soon to depart to death also

See the Saviours great beauty
Matchless by all comparison
Open my eyes to see
This Christ who sits enthroned

© Dave Bish, 2005
v1 adapted from Crown Him With Many Crowns by Matthew Bridges
v3 draws ideas from the tale of the Sirens, see Sam Storms: One Thing

Finding Joy

Finding Joy is the title of the forthcoming book from Marcus Honeysett (IVP, Autumn 2005) who did our team training yesterday. Its a joy to spend time with Marcus gazing upon the glory of Christ in scripture for our transformation and God's glory.

We were basically looking at "not living by law", and "living by the Spirit" and so to pursue joyful Christian life. A massive challenge to life and ministry. And a challenge to seek and exercise the gifts of the Spirit... I'll write more of this soon as I continue to work it out!

Today, Kath continued from where we left of by leading us through the perplexing terriory of women's ministry... big thing that struck me again there was the need for us to have the whole body using the gifts the Spirit gives us, to build each other up.

Overall, great to spend time with the team for a couple of days.

Little Book of God: Haggai

Is this as good as it gets? How do you balance reality today with the prospect of something greater to come? How do we live today in the light of God's spoken promises to his people?

The scene is set in Jerusalem, God's people having been exiled in Iraq are back home. The city is flattened and they're sent home to rebuild God's house (see Ezra 1). Life amongst the ruins was not easy, and into it comes this book and also the book of Zechariah.

These are the kind of questions the 38 verses of the book of Haggai seek to answer. It is written in the time of the return from exile, documented in Ezra 3 particularly. Reading through the book we're encouraged four times to "Consider" (1v5,7,2v25,18)... we're told of God's people being unfruitful, and twice of a time when God will shake the earth. Its dramatic stuff!

Part 1. The priorities of God, his pleasure and his glory
1v1-15, 01/06/02 (Year of Darius)
The people are delaying the task they've been giv…

Little Book of God: Obadiah

Getting off the beaten track
Many evangelicals live on a well beaten track, I find. We confidently declare that all Scripture is God breathed and useful but we often live as if only some of Scripture is actually useful. At church at the moment we're working through Ezra which is certainly territory I'd never preached or sat under preaching on before.

With Steve, my apprentice who is doing the Relay programme we've studied Galatians, Jonah, Ruth and Luke this year. That's probably a bit more mainstream - but I don't think too many guys study book like Ruth together. But its a great testament to God's grace!

So, in what could be the start of a mini-series of blog-posts, I'm turning off the beaten track, starting with some of the small books. They joke about meeting Obadiah in heaven and being embarressed not to know what his book was about. More's the point, it's God's book and like many others we ignore it to our ignorance of God's purposes.


Songs for The Cross Centred Life

This has barely left my CD-Player since my colleague Dave Gobbett sent it to me. Fifteen songs declaring the wonders of the cross of Christ, with energy, clear conviction and passion.

As CJ says on the sleeve, - "I'm no singer (ask my friends) but I love to sing about the cross. A Christian's heart should be brimming everyday with the song of Calvary... There is no better way to start each day than to employ songs and hymns that speak of the cross with clarity and power"

If you're in the UK odds are the only song on this album that you know is Before the Throne of God above - this is just the tip of the iceberg. The CD case contains the first chapter of the book The Cross Centred Life and all lyrics and sheet music are downloadable from Sovereign Grace Music - More about this album at SGM.

Warnie Winner!

C'mon! I just won a Warnie! This is a great honour.

It appears to have immediately brought in more traffic to the blog so here's hoping that I remain humble and useful to those who pass by on their way through the blogosphere.

In many ways this blog, and as a whole is about helping me air my thoughts because that helps me to think clearer, but with that airing comes great responsibility since people read my thoughts. May this blog remain a place where God looks big.

Here's what Adrian says..."Written by a fellow reformed charismatic and admirer of men like Piper and Mahaney how can I resist this blog? Add some fantastic potential song lyrics and a love for preaching and the ESV and the deal is done!" Adrian Warnock
May my thinking and my living remain God-centred and joyful. Thanks go to Rich Carding, for keeping me healthy as we walk around London, and to Arborfield who are a great fellowship to be part of.

Read more about Blue Fish Wins Warnie!

Dead but alive!

We went to the baptism of some of my students today. Surrey Uni students who go to Eternity, Guildford. Paul, Cat and Craig from my Apologetics group, and Andy who will be working with Em next year being those most well known to me. Good to catch up with pastor Mark Raymond and also to see a load of other Surrey CU guys too.

Baptisms are great - celebrating the reality that these guys have died and been reborn, through the death of Jesus, the power of the Father and are now empowered by the Holy Spirit for new life! And, as we were reminded, via J.B.Phillips' translation, "What a ghastly thought!" that they should go back to living in sin having recieved such amazing grace.
"We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from teh dead by the glory of teh Father, we too might walk in newness of life" Romans 6v4, ESV

Kingdom of Heaven

Travelling to road the east
In search of a holy place
There is no sacred mountain,
Now in all lands men may praise
In spirit and truth

Looking for escape from history
Where life can begin again
There is no fine building,
No city that grants forgiveness
In spirit and truth
The King reigns
Above all places
Beyond time and space
With all authority
No longer does a place stand
Where heaven touches earth
Only Christ is the door
Through which the kingdom comes
In spirit and truth

As time unfolds to its end
Earth is filled with men
With whom is God's home
Where conscience is cleased
In spirit and truth

© Dave Bish, 2005.
From thoughts in Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven, and chapter 4 of The Gospel of John.


If life is art, looks like I’m falling apart
Can’t stop the sand, running through my hand
You see through me, see the real me
And now I see too, only see youI’m singing the song, but the words are wrong
Have nothing to say, need new words to pray

Don’t want to die, teach me to fly
Falling out the sky, but I don’t know why

© 2005, Dave Bish

Garden State

Feel. Pain. Pleasure. Be. Live. Love.
Garden State, just edging it over Enduring Love to be the current best film we've seen this year. You can't really compare them, though they both address big things like love. Enduring Love was overshadowed for me because I really loved the book, and the film experience didn't quite match reading it.

Have been waiting months to get Garden State on DVD. And we're not disappointed. The film is quirky, provocative and entertaining. Discovery of the day - Natalie Portman is a great comedy actress.

FILM 2005 Update
1. Garden State (New Entry)
2. Enduring Love (1)
3. The Village (2)
4. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (3)
5. Collateral (4)

Meanwhile at lunchtime Tom got me thinking about the same kinds of themes, whilst talking about whether Ned Flanders is the Ideal Christian... how do we make connections? Find intimacy (in to me see)? Break away from numbness and find the life we want to find... whilst letting people see who we really are.

Don't say a word

Before Easter I was reading Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Romans 3v19, now I hit the same text in the writings of Jonathan Edwards, in his Discourse IV: The Justice of God in the damnation of sinners which isn't the kind of title I've seen on any Christian book in recent times.

Edwards picks up Romans 3v19 "That every mouth may be stopped". Paul has argued in this great letter that all peoples are guilty before God. He appeals to human conscience, and that proves guilt. And he appeals to God's revealed commands, and again guilt is revealed.

Edwards notes clearly that we love to boast or justifying ourselves before God. We try to excuse ourselves of wrong doing or stack up good deeds in our favour. God however would have us be silent.

Our attempts to defend ourselves are futile. Our offense is against God who is of infinite worth, and deserving of infinite adoration. Therefore our sin is infinitely bad.

God's good news first acts to silence us. To stop our mouths from sp…


Just home from seeing Hitchhikers, it's been a good 15-17 years since I read the books which I remember loving. The film is obviously different but I thought it was pretty good. certainly the best fun I've had watching a film this year. Alan Rickman does depressed so well (think the falling sheriff of nottingham), probably steals it for me. Bill Nighy doing Bill Nighy is always great, and for me it just kind of worked. Just the right combination of cool effects and cheap sets.

Time for an update on my tops films seen this year. Last update was on March 6th, now 1/3 of the way through the year there was been mild improvement. So, this is how things stand. If positions 5-10 were replaced by better films by the end of the year, that'd be nice!

1. Enduring Love (New Entry) - still angry we couldn't see it last year
2. The Village (1)
3. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (New Entry) - quirkily entertaining
4. Collateral (2)
5. The Interpreter (New Entry) - a decent thriller
6. C…