Thursday, December 29, 2005

Makes me weep

Matt pointed me to this Letters expose 'breathtaking' rudeness of church life. Makes me weep that this is done in the name of the church.

That said, firstly, I'm not all that surprised - Christians make mistakes. I've love to explain it all that away but some of it was probably done by genuine Christians. We're not perfect people saved by doing good. We're counted right by God by grace - by God's gift to us, not by anything we do.

But secondly, the church is a mixed bag, Jesus said as much. There are plenty of people who are church-ians rather than christ-ians who've not really grasped the transforming power and beauty of the glorious good news about Jesus Christ. Such people need to be instructed in the faith. Why they want to hang round in the church, serve in in but not believe in Jesus confounds me...

Being a Christian is not attained by doing good. Rather by admitting you can't do good. But it is also unable to leave an unchanged life. Encountering Jesus Christ is transformational - doing so would be the best thing that could ever happen to you.

What Christians believe is what produces good works. Even more, we're saved by God to be a community of people zealous for good works - thats the tragedy of the above report. And the way Christians belief says a lot about the reputation of what they believe. Either our beliefs get reviled by people claiming to be Christians but being unchanged, or they can be adorned as the transforming power of knowing Jesus is revealed in the ordinary day to day different lives of Christians.


  1. great diagrams! Are they yours? They shall be nicked!

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