Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gateways to Grace (2)

Luke 2v1-3v20

Rooted in time and space Luke records the arrival of Jesus. Caeser Augustus rules. Quirinius is Syrian Governor. A census is called so Jesus must be born in Bethlehem, as his parents must travel there. He comes into history. He is born in the city of David (2v4, 11). This is a royal birth. This is the birth of Jesus the Christ. He is God's king

He comes as a peace-maker, a welcomer of outsiders, a light to the whole world... he comes to bring life and to judge. He will be responsible for the rise and fall of many. He is the great judge and saviour.

Later in the reign of Tiberus Caeser, with Pilate, Herod, Philip, Lysanius in power in the region and under the religious leadership of Annas and Cauaphas, John is preparing the way for Jesus to come. Luke gives us excessive historical detail - these events happened. Our faith in Jesus can rest on secure foundations - that is Luke's purpose. John speaks of Jesus the one who reveals God's salvation, the coming of the Lord to his people... He will bring the Holy Spirit and fire, life and judgement. He is the great judge and saviour

Mary treasures these things up in her heart (2v19, 3v51). She dwells upon the identity of this child. We should do likewise. Jesus is the Saviour, Judge and King... how will we respond to him?

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