Monday, December 19, 2005

2005 Top Ten... Posts on my blog

Of the writing of many posts in 2005 there has been no end. Here's a selection of ten of my favourite posts at the blue fish project during 2005. Words get written, appear briefly and then get lost to the archives. Sometimes they need to be recalled. Sometimes its just nice to remember them.
I've written a number of series this year, on Luke's gospel, on the little books of God, my favourite to work on, as yet unfinished is this one:
The necessity of atheism

Hopefully most of the dross has never got past being saved as a draft. Of course that's blatently not true, I've posted around 300 times this year and that simply can't all be worth saying. Maybe its all one big ego trip? Maybe my fragile words can be of some help to others.

Hopefully my rambling here has lead to more coherence out in the real world. Of course that also isn't all that likely. Many words have been said this year that I shouldn't have said. And thats before you get to the unuttered thoughts that go round and round my mind.

I hope I've written honestly and from a foundation of Biblical truth. I hope I've written kindly and graciously, and that grace has been my theme. When it hasn't I've been wrong. Which only serves to remind me of my desperate need. And yet praise God the that I end this year, as I began it, a forgiven sinner. Free! Justified! And in the real reality, satisfied.


  1. Some good reflections there on the place and point of blogging, and I'm looking forward to reading through some of your top 10. I only really started reading blogs in the early summer, so there's loads lurking on yours I haven't read. Good to have some pointers.
    Maybe you should do a top ten of 'all time' or however long you've been doing this...
    did you do a top ten for 2004?
    I appreciate what you have to say anyway, keep it up!

  2. Thanks Ant,

    I started properly blogging in August 2004 so last year didn't have a top ten...