Saturday, December 24, 2005

2005 Top 10.... Films I've seen (released this year)

This year hasn't been a great year for films methinks. Last year we missed some of the best films - The Village, Garden State, Collateral and Enduring Love - which gives me some hope. Mark Kermode's best two films from the year are my number 1, and A History of Violence. Which means I've missed one good film.

1. Crash (blogged)
(are we safe from ourselves, best film by a mile)

2. Elizabethtown (blogged)
(superb, success, failure, life, and in need of some edits, a shorter directors cut on dvd would be welcome)
3. Hotel Rwanda
(deeply moving film that we saw in July)
4. King Kong
(mindless with cool effects, bit saggy and slow though, lets hope Jackson could give us a shorter dvd version)
5. The Island
(mindless fun - you need one of these every summer)
6. Hitchhiker (blogged)
(crazy fun)
7. Broken Flowers
(bit slow but good because of Bill Murray)
8. Melinda and Melinda (blogged)
(woody allen does sliding doors)
9. Sin City
(wierd but kinda cool)
10. Million Dollar Baby (blogger)
(good drama, if a bit disturbing)

Mentions also for Hitch and Wedding Crashers which were funny, The Life Aquatic was a bit disappointing but still kinda fun if you like Bill Murray doing his Lost in Translation act (see also Broken Flowers). Sideways was ok. And The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe was alright, LOTR on a budget...

Top Ten 2004

Seen Top 10 (including DVDs released)
1. Crash, 2. The Village, 3. Garden State, 4. Collateral, 5. Enduring Love


  1. Sideways, Star Wars and Batman Begins were my favourites I think.

  2. No war of the worlds????
    Just saw it one of the better ones i've seen recently.

  3. War of the World was terrible. Jonny you have poor filmic taste.
    When the key to the film is a splinter in a girls hand then its pretty weak surely...

  4. I liked the Descent as well - being trapped in a cave sounds scary enough when they aren't flesh-eating monsters in there as well.