Sunday, September 25, 2005

Keep Sunday Special?

I'm preparing a talk on Genesis 2v2,3 for a few weeks time. Here's two articles that have been helpful thus far...
(both published at

Starting to see that perhaps Sunday isn't quite so special... how amazing to be welcomed into rest with Jesus everyday... thoughts, comments, advice, quotes and questions very welcome.


  1. Without much thought, I remember that the best bit of Scott Hafemann's book God of Promise and the Life of Faith was his chapter of the Sabbath, and how it is a sign of dependance on God to provide, among other things. It would be worth reading if you can lay hands on the book. Get a taster here.

  2. There is a five part series on the Sabbath by the theologian Don Garlington at:
    which is truly excellent, and would take a New Covenant perspective.