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Great David's greater son

Spoke at Reading CU last week on 2 Samuel 7 - Great David's Greater Son. Desperate to see God glorified and enjoyed by all. In him is fulness of joy forever. His love is better than life. In him is pleasure forever more. And the way to get this is through believing in God's great King Jesus who died on a Roman Cross 2000 years ago so that we could come to know and enjoy God as our saviour, Lord and treasure.

Been working on cell notes on Isaiah 6:1-9:7. The big idea in these studies in Isaiah is that Judgement is imminent for Judah but the prophet calls them to trust in the Lord. Applying this to us we are called to fix our eyes on the faithful one, if we hear his word then we will live. So, let us FIX OUR EYES ON THE FAITHFUL ONE, JESUS CHRIST. The key question is what will you do with Christ? Will you stumble over Christ and so remain in your sins and face judgement? Will you find in him sanctuary and salvation because he died for your sins?