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Showing posts from March, 2004


In Reading today. Finally fixed my bike chain! New stuff online today - on Romans 9, a PowerPoint on 1 Peter from Reading Cell Training - full 1 Peter Cell Notes coming soon. Started work on some cell notes on Isaiah 6-12 for Reading to use in the summer term. - check out the latest new Piper book site, for Don't Waste Your Life. Excellent book. Get that and his book on Reasons why Jesus came to die from Christ Is All Media in Uk & Europe.


Reflecting further on 2 Timothy and the teaching Nigel Pollock gave us last weekend at the South East CU Developing Leaders conference - he said "To do wrong and suffer is Karma, To do good and suffer is Christ". This kind of turns things on their head for us in our western comfort zones. Still processing this but hard lessons. Was also challenge to make sure that were "Getting caught up in God's purposes, not simply asking him to bless our purposes", Nigel went to to show us from God's Word that God's priorities are that we: Guard the Gospel, Suffer for the Gospel, and Speak the Gospel.. The first and last word for the weekend was "What do you want to be known for?" - for being Lost, like the Aberdeenshire village of Lost which was in the news last week, or known for the gospel


Perhaps March will be quieter than February. Basically a rocking month but silly hours with three CU weekends away and Reading Mission. All of the above rocked big time. South East CU Leaders weekend was excellent with Nigel Pollock fixing our eyes on the priority of standing for and suffering for passing on the gospel. Awesome. Recent cell notes etc now online.